Sunday, August 29, 2010


everyone falls down,
its the strength that you have to get back up that makes you the person that you are.
the mistakes you make are just part of life,
learning from them is the important part.
iv learned that the people around me have the greatest effect on my life.
and i am forever grateful to them for being apart of it.
iv realised i would be no one without them and i cant explain how much they mean to me.
i always try to see the good in everything
even though sometimes thats almost impossible.
iv learned that sitting around and moping isnt gonna get you anywhere
or make things any better.
if you just wait for things to get better it probably isnt going to any time soon.
getting up and doing somethin about it is what will make you hapy again.
but when ive been unable to find the strength to do this my friends have always been there,
i wouldnt be who i am today if it wasnt for them.
so thank you everyone who has been apart of my life
i owe you guys the world.  

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